Donna Marie Glenn Imson Also Offers Motivational Talks

Donna Marie Glenn Imson is a very renowned identity in the subject of marketing. Girls who want to be profitable entrepreneurs can learn a large amount from her. She is not only a excellent entrepreneur but a hardworking human being way too.

Donna Marie Glenn Imson established Quest Internet in the year 1998. She was then a one mother of three. To aid her 3 kids she had to do something. She had no economic assistance. So she decided to check out community internet marketing. Community marketing was new then and it was considered to be incredibly worthwhile if you could do very well. A ton of advertising skills have been needed. But she decided to go for it.
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She had to present a great training to her a few kids. This is when she located Quest Net.

Donna Marie is the executive chairperson of Qnet. From getting a founder to being the 1 who is accountable for a single of the fastest growing networking providers, she has accomplished a whole lot in her younger age. This all has transpired mainly because of her hardly ever say no attitude. She has labored hard for what she has obtained and she is an inspirational individuality these days.

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