I Used This Trick To Find Movie Theaters Near Me

When it comes to finding things around me like restaurants and government offices, I'll admit that I'm not great about planning ahead. In fact, even when it comes to finding movie theaters near me, I tend to be bad about thinking ahead because I'm usually operating off the cuff. I'll be walking around just having a great day and then, BAM! I'll want to watch a movie, but I'll have no clue where exactly a theater is based on my location.

What's an off-the-cuff movie watcher kind of guy like me to do, right?

Well, I actually have a great new trick to find movie theaters at a moment's notice, and the worst part is that I didn't realize that I had this at my disposal until just recently. Now, it's something I use almost daily. I use my phone's virtual assistant function. MIND BLOWN!

That's right! All I use is the little person that lives in my phone to tell me what movies theaters are actually in my vicinity. Isn't that wild?

Now, I know some of you are probably reading this and thinking that I must be a little dense to have just discovered this feature. so let me clarify a few things. For starters, I use my virtual assistant option but just not for this. Second, I tend to be a mindful phone user and can't stand when people are blaring their conversations for everyone's "listening pleasure" let alone their virtual assistant's voice giving them directions. And third, I'm a little old-school and tend to use my phone as more of a, well, phone than device. This means this stuff doesn't come natural to me at first.

Either way, now that I can use this feature, I'm all about having this little voice in my phone tell me about all of the movie theaters I can check out when the mood hits me. But don't rule out other great ways to find a theater when the movie bug hits:

Old Reliable --- You can never really stray too far by using the internet. Probably the best way to search for a movie theater nearest you is by searching for the movie you want to watch as it may not be showing in all theaters at a given time. You can also search by zip code to really zero in on where you want to find a theater.

Those Closest to You (Literally & Figuratively) --- Sometimes it's best to ask for input from family members & friends who can point you in the right direction. Don't count out co-workers, fellow church goers, and neighbors as resources since they may know the area pretty well.

Tech Awesomeness --- There are some people who have phones filled to the brim with apps of all kinds. Now, you can add apps for movie fanatics that give you info on theater locations, trailers, and how to purchase tickets. You could even just open your map app & using your current location search for theaters around you.

Trying to find movie theaters near me wasn't something I really stressed about, but now that I have at least one great trick to find them, I'm a little more invested. That said, I'm also keen on getting the best bang for my buck, which means I want to find theaters that give me more than just a great place to watch a movie. And I think I've found "The One".

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